Terrifying Footage Shows People Trapped In Elevator During Flash Flood In Omaha

Oh hell no.

Omaha, Nebraska was getting absolutely battered by rain the other day, which led to flash-flooding that nearly put the entire city underwater.

The last place you want to be in a situation like that is trapped in an elevator while it slowly fills up with rainwater like some real life ‘Final Destination’ scenario. Well that’s exactly what happened to this group of friends who were convinced they were about to drown to death (couple videos):

Two words – HELL. NO. By the time they were rescued, the water had already reached their necks and they were seriously panicking. Luckily the lift was stuck on the main lobby and so one of their roommates and two other helpers turned up and pried the doors open, forcing the water out and allowing them to escape to safety.

Thank God these guys made it out of there unharmed because that would’ve been a truly brutal way to go. I guess real world elevators don’t have those escape hatches on top you see in movies that you can just climb out of in event of a flood? Nightmare fuel. Although maybe once a building is already flooding, it might be smarter to just take the stairs. At least they know for next time.

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