Transmission Is The Most Messed Up Short Film You’ll See This Year


Welcome to Britannia. Together we stand alone.

I met Tom and Varun on a stag do a few years ago and they told me they were working on some scripts and hoping to become movie directors, I was like ‘yeah right, sure’ but was pretty surprised a couple of years later when they posted that they had finished making a short movie called Transmission and that it had won a bunch of awards on the festival circuit. Fair play.

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Transmission is finished on that loop now and is premiering on Vimeo today and so I said I’d throw them a bone and stick it up on Sick Chirpse too. I couldn’t really find a short synopsis of it that actually described what was going on in it, so here’s the best one I could find:

Shot on glorious 35mm film, it’s an abstraction of our fears over the future of post-Brexit Britain and many western countries that are now adopting protectionist and isolationist policies through manipulation and contempt.

Yeah, not really giving away much there is it? Anyway, it’s heavily influenced by Lynch and the like, so if you’re into weird messed up shit that you might not understand but is going to scare the crap out of you anyway, take a look at it below. It’s about 20 minutes long though so make sure you’ve got enough time:


Yeah, I wasn’t really sure what was going on in that either but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s left you with an eerie, ominous and creepy feeling inside after watching it, hasn’t it? If you wanna know what was going on in it I suggest emailing Tom and Varun, if not try and figure it out yourself and I hope you get to sleep tonight.


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