A Transgender Prisoner Served Ten Years In A Female Prison Then Transitioned Back Into A Man

Foston Hall

Abusing the system.

I don’t want to get into transgender rights/issues because that is a full on loaded topic/question, but I guarantee that the way the person in this story acted isn’t doing the movement any favours whatsoever.

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It’s been revealed that an unnamed prisoner at Foston Hall – an all female incarceration facility – transitioned from a male into a female and then lived amongst the female population there for ten years, managed to get married to a female inmate there and then transitioned back to a male. Both of those operations were done on the NHS at a combined cost of £30,000 and whilst it sounds all rosy for him (is it him? Or her? Genuine question at this point) there is a downside – he was left with a micropenis.

Here’s what a couple of anonymous inmates had to say about the situation:


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He had been in jail for so long everyone knew him and he was part of the furniture. We treated him like a woman, but you would not mess with him.

In prison you learn fast not to get involved in other people’s business, but used to joke he must have been the happiest prisoner in England being surrounded with women every day instead of being in a horrible man’s jail.

He had years to get a woman. He found a Mrs, they worked together and got married inside.

Women’s jails should be for be just for women. It just did not seem right but there was nothing any of us could do to change the situation.

Now knowing he is a geezer again makes me wonder if it was a long term plan. I could not get a mole removed when I was inside so how he convinced them to give him two sex changes God only knows.

I mean yeah, she does make a good point there doesn’t she? Obviously transgender people have the right to transition, but when it seems as though they’re doing it just to get a cushier time in prison when you’re not even paying for it and then are just going to revert back anyway you can easily see why it can be construed that they’re taking the piss. I don’t really know enough about trans issues to know if this is a regular occurrence – and maybe it is more common than it seems – but even if it is, there’s no way that people against sex changes on the NHS for prisoners aren’t going to cite this example as a reason why they’re a waste of time and money. And to be honest I’m kinda inclined to agree with them from the information I’ve got. So sue me.

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