This Transgender Banker Had His Ears Cut Off And Horns Implanted To Become A ‘Dragon Lady’

‘Perfection is a magical thing to experience.’

Richard Hernandez was born 55 years ago in Texas and always felt like he was a woman growing up in a man’s body. There isn’t anything strange about that in 2016 as the issue of transgenderism is becoming more and more accepted in society, but his next move was a bit more left field – he cut off his ears, split his tongue, had his nose reshaped, eyes stained green and had his face tattooed and horns implanted so that he could become a dragon lady named Tiamat.

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Tiamat no longer likes to be referred to as a he or a she – preferring it – so that’s how I’ll be referring to it for the rest of the article. Apparently it was inspired to undergo the transformation thanks to Voldemort from the Harry Potter books and reckons that it’s spent about £24,000 on cosmetic surgery so far to achieve this look. That actually sounds remarkably cheap given the work it’s clearly had done on itself. This it thing is getting really annoying to type FYI.

Tiamat 1

In its own words:

I am morphing into what I call my true form as a once-mythical dragon…

(First) I got my subdermal brow implants.

The second outwardly visible reptilian feature came to life when I had snake scales added to my face.

I am presently 95 per cent covered in snake scale outline…

I hope to enable people to have an appreciation for the art of body modification.

What I like about body mods is everything from the aesthetic appeal, the sexual pleasure, the shock value and most important of all, personal gratification and spiritual significance.

Body Modification has given me a new life, a second chance to live my life.

I am happy and at long last at peace with my complete self, how I see and feel myself.

Perfection is a magical thing to experience.

Tiamat 2

Perfection, right. Well you know, whatever it needs to be happy I guess. I don’t think that the majority of people looking at it are going to ‘have an appreciation for the art of body modification’ though – I think most of them are just going to think he’s freak weirdo who wanted to try and look like a dragon and hasn’t really succeeded. Oh well.

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