VIDEO: Guy Shatters His Leg On Trampoline Jump (NSFW)

The most gruesome injury you’ll ever see – this dude shatters his ankle into a thousand pieces while filming a trampoline jump.

From the YouTube description the guy posted: So doing a trick for the hundredth time on the wall trampoline I missed and fell shattering my bones in 4 places leaving me with a compound fracture and now a titanium rod in my leg. I’m sorry for who ever watches this..but shit happens kids so be safe!!

Who knew you could mess yourself up so badly on a trampoline? Even 5-year-olds manage to avoid injury on them. An extremely unlucky break for this guy resulting in one of the nastiest photos and video we’ve ever posted on this site, comparable to maybe the time Bear Grylls’ producer got bitten by a venomous snake and had his foot melt off the bone (NSFW).

Want a close up photo of the guy’s leg afterwards?

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Extremely NSFL…

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