Here’s The Trailer To Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Song Contest Netflix Movie

Seems like they’ve captured the right vibe.

The Eurovision Song Contest was meant to take place last weekend, but obviously didn’t due to the current global pandemic situation, although I did hear that there was some kind of show where everyone taking part performed their songs or something. Sounds lame.

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What also sounds lame is this new Netflix movie starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams called ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga’ which sees the pair team up as an Icelandic duo desperate to win the famous competition. I really hate Will Ferrell with a passion, but I checked out the trailer – which is just one of their songs from the movie – and I didn’t hate it, so maybe there’s some hope with this one?

Take a look at it yourself and see what you think:

I mean Will Ferrell is just about keeping it on a leash there and not doing his usual schtick of completely hamming it up and just saying the same thing over and over again but louder every time, but I’m not sure if he’s gonna be able to sustain that for a whole movie. Just look at what he’s wearing in this FFS and that pout he’s doing to the camera – you can tell he’s just frothing at the bit to get off the leash. Have a feeling the whole song would be way better without Ferrel’s contribution to be honest.

So with that in mind, I’m probably not going to bother checking this out but given how popular all of his other movies have been, I’m sure that it’ll be a global smash and loads of other people will enjoy it. Fingers crossed.

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