Here’s The Trailer For Netflix’s New Yorkshire Ripper Documentary Series

Good timing.

The Yorkshire Ripper has been in the news a lot recently after his death from Coronavirus last week, so it’s obviously the perfect time for Netflix to drop a new documentary regarding his crimes.

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Sadly it seems that this documentary has been in the works for some time and isn’t indicative of how quickly Netflix can turn something around to coincide with current events, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be any less of an engrossing watch. Probably the opposite in fact, as it comes from the same team that made ‘Don’t Fuck With Cats’ – another documentary was a real highlight of last year.

The one is called ‘The Ripper’ and comes in four parts, telling thechilling story of Peter Sutcliffe and the thirteen women he murdered and seven others he tried to kill from 1975 to 1980. You can check out the trailer below:

We hear from investigators, journalists, survivors and the victims’ families on their stories, and how the prejudices and misogyny of the time played a part in these women being so tragically let down.

Yeah that does look like it’s going to be good, and I imagine that most people watching it won’t really have any idea about the details of the case because it was so long ago which will make it an even more enthralling watch. It’s crazy to even think that a serial killer was prowling the streets of Yorkshire for five years before he was caught because you can’t really even imagine something like that happening today, can you?

Really looking forward to this. All episodes dropping on December 16th, so perfect for your lockdown Christmas viewing.

For more of the same, check out when the Yorkshire Ripper revealed some sinister murder details in a letter from his cell a couple of years ago. Creepy.


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