Watch The Trailer For Matthew McConaughey And Snoop Dogg’s New Stoner Comedy ‘The Beach Bum’

Beach Bum

Harmony Korine is a very divisive director but there’s no denying that he usually has a vision for a movie and he’s gonna see it all the way through and stick with it, and it’s this ‘talent’ that’s enabled him to work with a plethora of A list Hollywood actors and actresses.

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The latest on his list are Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron who have joined forces with him in new movie ‘The Beach Bum’. It’s described as a stoner comedy which features a drunk and high McConaughey hanging around on the beach with his friends getting wasted and presumably getting into a bunch of mischief – you can’t really tell anything else from the trailer:

Hmmm. That does look kind of magical and fun but if it’s anything like anything Korine has been involved in in the past then it’s probably just going to be a bunch of surreal scenes with no real narrative or plotline and I’m not sure if I’m into that as much as I used to be. Will probably still check it out but can see it being a bit of a stinker to be honest – hope I’m proved wrong though.

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