Harmony Korine Is Teaming Up With Gucci Mane For A New Movie


Match made in heaven.

Harmony Korine is one of those directors/writers who is always doing really dumb/weird stuff, but whatever he’s doing he’ll always manage to grab your attention and that’s exactly the case with news of his new project.

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It turns out Korine is teaming up with none other than Gucci Mane for a new feature movie entitled The Trap. Apparently Korine and Mane became friends when Korine shot a Supreme advert with him when he was under house arrest which led to his memorable role in Spring Breakers, but now he wants more:

Harmony is my close friend, so it was easy. He’s super creative. Me and him work good together because we just freestyle sh*t, both of us don’t have no rigid mind state when we bring something to life.

I love to act. It was just a great experience being in Spring Breakers, and it was just the beginning.

Sounds ominous. There’s no real details about the storyline of The Trap but expect it to be suitably ridiculous and typical Harmony Korine. It’s also apparently supposed to be starring Al Pacino, Benicio Del Toro and James Franco which sounds like an absolutely ridiculous cast list so regardless of the plot – which is most likely just going to be a bunch of dumb sequences that Harmony Korine tacked together because they looked kind of cool – I imagine I’ll end up checking this out, along with a bunch of people reading this too. He gets you every time huh.

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For more Gucci Mane, check him out on Snapchat watching Game Of Thrones. Arguably more entertaining than the real thing.


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