Traffic Warden Gives Tommy Robinson A Parking Ticket And His Face Is Priceless

traffic warden


Traffic wardens probably have one of the worst jobs going, but sometimes, just sometimes, a moment comes along like this that makes it all worth it.

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As is shown by the video below, one ticket dude was given the job of handing Tommy Robinson’s bus a £130 fine.

Supporters of the former English Defence League leader, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, had gathered outside the Old Bailey court in London yesterday and used the double-decker bus to promote Robinson films.

It was also used for the far-righter to give a speech, after he was found in contempt of court for breaching a reporting ban.

However, while he was in court, the bus was parked “in a restricted street during prescribed hours”, and so the traffic warden jumped at the opportunity to slap the vehicle with a ticket.

Although his actions were booed by the fascist’s supports, the unnamed hero couldn’t contain his joy and was filmed walking off and laughing while declaring: “Oh I do love my job sometimes.”

This dude has truly earned legend status.

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