This Traffic Jam Was Stuck In A Belgium Forest For 70 Years

Car Graveyard 1

No amount of honking your horn is going to help this one.

These pictures looks like something from the first season of The Walking Dead or any other equivalent apocalypse movie, but they actually happened over in Belgium of all places in a place called the Chatillion Car Graveyard.

Nobody is really sure how so many cars came to be abandoned in the area, but there are a couple of theories/urban legends surrounding the area that seek to explain it. One states that the cars were left by US soldiers after the end of World War II as they couldn’t ship them back to the US there and then and so had to hide them in the forest until a suitable time came that they could come and collect them. This never happened though and the cars remained there for years, rusted and abandoned.

Locals of the area disagree with this theory though, instead stating that they were left there simply as a dump for old vehicles following the conclusion of World War II, and nobody ever had any intention of coming back and claiming them. It seems to be consistent with all theories though that they’ve been there since the conclusion of WW2. At one point there were 4 car graveyards in the area with as many as 500 empty vehicles.

Unfortunately, the cars have all been cleared now as a result of an environmental initiative in 2010, we can still enjoy these pictures from the car jungle graveyard though. Perhaps not as entertaining as these weird gravestones though.

Car Graveyard 1

Car Graveyard 1

Car Graveyard 2

Car Graveyard 3

Car Graveyard 4

Car Graveyard 5

Car Graveyard 6

Car Graveyard 7

Car Graveyard 8

Car Graveyard 10

Car Graveyard 11


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