Trafalgar Square Might Become A Golf Course

Crazy Golf

This has to happen.

A scheme to transform the steps of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square into a giant crazy golf course is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

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The plans were unveiled this week and will be a part of the London Design Festival, with the intention that the crazy golf course be centred around a futuristic theme.

Trafalgar Golf

The holes that would be used have been created by world-renowned architects and famous designers, including the likes of Mark Wallinger, Paul Smith, and the late Dame Zaha Hadid. The course would be free and open for the public to play. It’s being described by the organisation as:

…a riot of different coloured stripes, topped by a neo-classical clubhouse that echoes the museum, but has a turf roof and putters for columns.

Check out the video below which illustrates the concept:

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What’s more, those who are willing to pledge more than a couple of quid will get a return for their generosity:

Offer up 25 of your hard earned pounds and you’ll receive a pair of limited edition Paul Smith golf socks and your name on the crazy golf course’s wall of fame.

Double that and chuck £50 their way and you’ll get two early ‘birdie’ tickets and priority booking.

If they hit their target the golf course will be due to pop up for one week in September which is great news. Summer in London is really shaping up well, soon we’ll be able to play some golf in the centre before heading to this restaurant for a spot of naked dining. Probably best not to mix the two up though; nobody wants to see you putting those balls in any holes, thank you very much.


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