Dude’s Sex Toy Prank Goes Wrong When Girlfriend Orgasms In Front Of His Mum

Vibrating prank

Family affair.

Today we’ve got yet another video from YouTuber Ryan Hamilton over at HammyTV and boy is it a good one.

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His girlfriend agreed to wear vibrating pants, with Ryan in charge of the remote control. It’s all fun and games until his mum gets involved:

That was weird for everyone involved. Getting the vibrating treatment whilst sitting next to your future mother in law is not a situation anyone wants to be a part of. And how about Hammy, the dirty old pervert? Talk about keeping it in the family.

For more HammyTV pranks, here’s a favourite of mine – the time he set up Tinder dates with girls who wanted to smoke weed then gave them fake marijuana vapes. It’s beyond embarrassing.


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