Guy Sets Up Tinder Dates With Girls Who Want To Smoke Weed; Gives Them Fake Marijuana Vapes

You can guess how this is going to turn out.

Back when I was 16, I probably thought that meeting up with a girl and getting stoned was a really good idea, but now I think it would be absolutely terrible. I mean you would just smoke weed and then sit there pranging out about what she thought of you or how you were sitting or whatever and then get up and awkwardly leave. Terrible idea.

However, it seems like I’m in the minority here as this guy decided to meet girls on Tinder and ask them if they liked smoking weed and set up a date with them based around that. And he gets a whole bunch of hot girls who are interested too. My man.

But instead of just getting baked with them and hooking up with them, he decides to trick them and gives them a fake marijuana vape. You can guess how this is going to go down and it most definitely does not disappoint. One of the girls just escalates things insanely though, honestly you’ll never see what she says coming:

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Yeah what a bunch of idiots – ‘that’s really strong’ and ‘that hit me fast too’ were probably my favourite lines, but then you probably could expect that from that moron because she didn’t even put a picture of herself on her own Tinder profile. And was married.

I bet that guy couldn’t have hoped for a better response to his prank than when she got in the car, but all three of them had some absolute laugh out loud moments, like when the girl was dancing in her phone about getting high and when she wolfed down the packet of crisps. Maybe being high really is just a state of mind?

Anyway, here are 16 perfect videos to watch when you’re ultra high.


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