This Town Is Getting Terrorised By A Bunch Of Paedo Clowns Trying To ‘Lure Children Into The Woods’ (VIDEO)

Pervert clowns

Get the pitchforks out.

Over in a town in South Carolina, U.S., a horror film plot has become real-life, as a bunch of creepy clowns are apparently terrorising local children and trying to lure them into the woods. That really is the stuff of nightmares.

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Last week, residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments received letters informing them that property management had received a load of complaints of a couple of dudes dressed as psychopathic clowns, trying to get children to come into the woods with them. And there have been multiple CCTV images released as well, as shown by the news report:

As said, they’re taking the incident pretty seriously and a 10pm curfew has been set for local residents. To be fair, if I was a kid or an adult, I would be staying locked in my house all day and night until them fuckers had been caught because we all know there’s nothing scarier than a psychopathic clown.

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