We Need A Town Crier Like Prince William & Kate


This town crier smashed the royal baby announcement. Let’s get one for Sick Chirpse.

How sick is this? It’s made us realise we need a town crier for Sick Chirpse ASAP. This is officially the only to announce shit from now on. Let’s get a town crier that can just announce shit about us wherever he goes. “Here ye! Here ye! On the 11th of June, Year 2013, Sick Chirpse made an example out of that rapscallion Example in a Twitter war to the death. Here ye! Here ye!


All about the town criers. But the key to what makes an outstanding town crier is probably to not let them town cry too often. Ruins the spectacle of it all. Like this guy blatantly hasn’t town cried in about 30 years; he’s probably been practicing all that time for a day like today and so it’s no wonder why he absolutely nails his moment:

[yframe url=’’]


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