Tourette’s Guy Yells ‘Bomb!’ And ‘I’m A Terrorist!’ As He Walks Through Airport (VIDEO)

The worst place to have a Tourette’s flare-up.

17-year-old Lewis Nickell from Belfast has Tourette’s, meaning he’s unable to control random outbursts of often controversial language.

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As you might expect this poses a bit of a problem whenever he’s at the airport, and especially when the words that seem to flare up are “bomb” and “I’m a terrorist!”.

Lewis just rolls with it though, and in fact films his experiences as a Tourette’s sufferer to educate (and amuse) the rest of us.

Watch him in action at Belfast airport:

Lewis says:

Going to the airport is one of the trickiest things someone with Tourette’s or suffering from tics can do — for obvious reasons.

People had been asking me for ages to make a video of this so when I had a flight booked to see family I thought it was perfect timing.

My brother told the staff why we were filming and that I had Tourette’s and they treated me like any other passenger.

Most people realised that I had a condition but there was a point where I shouted ‘bomb’ and I saw a woman look at me — she was mortified.

The awesome thing is that his videos on YouTube rack up a lot of views and in turn some decent profit too. A video of him reading Cat in the Hat was clocked 3.5 million views thus far.

At least he’s not sneezing 12,000 times a day – no doctor can explain what that’s about.


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