A Tory MP Refuses To Watch The Euro 2020 Because The Players Are Taking The Knee

What a hero.

Most of the nation is super stoked that England are going to be competing in their first final for 55 years on Sunday night, but of course at least one person has to be contrary and make it all about them.

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Lee Anderson is a Tory MP who represents Ashfield in Nottinghamshire and currently claims that he hasn’t watched any of the England matches so far in the tournament because he objects to the players taking the knee before the game because of the gesture’s association with the Black Lives Matter movement. This is despite the fact that the player themselves have never said anything about supporting BLM and have specifically said that they’re taking the knee ‘as a stand against racism’.

Anderson uploaded a video earlier this week explaining his decision:

I’ve had a bit of a torrid week actually, lots of emails, a bit of abuse – but that’s normal – about my decision not to watch the England matches.

That’s my decision, I’m not forcing my views on anybody else.

I don’t like the taking the knee business, I think it associates with the Black Lives Matter movement – I know the England players don’t think it does but it does, it does to me.

But that’s their choice to take the knee and it’s my choice not to watch the matches.

But I will be supporting England on Sunday night… I’m going to check my phone for updates to see if they’ve scored and cheer if they have. I hope they win and I hope it comes home.

I suppose it is his decision and it isn’t nice to receive loads of abuse for making a decision, but the guy could easily have just not watched the England matches and not told anyone about it. If you’re going to announce it the world and make a big deal about it, then you’ve gotta expect some people to call you a twat as well. Probably quite a few in this case as well because it really seems like a decision that doesn’t really have any value for anyone.

Interestingly, Anderson hasn’t told us what he plans to do if the updates on his phone speak about the players taking the knee. Presumably though, he’ll shut down his phone as well.

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