Tories Turn Up To Manchester; Tories Get Egged In The Face (VIDEO)

What an incredible shot.

Yesterday, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in All Saint’s Park on Oxford Road in Manchester to protest against the Tory conference that is currently taking place in the city and started.

A small breakaway group of supporters managed to surge towards a fence that had been erected in order to close off Oxford Street and started shouting and screaming ‘Tory Scum’ repeatedly at a bunch of delegates who had gathered on the other side. One of the delegates was talking to the protestors when he got hit in the face with an egg in one of the greatest shots of all time.

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It’s a bummer you can’t really see the shot and just see him with egg on his face (egg on your face lol) because the flag is in the way but it’s still an undeniably good feeling seeing the smug little twat looking like a complete bell end. Well, even more of a complete bell end than he looked like before that that is.

The rest of the protest was fairly peaceful – to be honest this isn’t that violent – and mainly just featured people marching around with signs of dead pigs and shouting Tory Scum over and over again (original). It looks like it was a pretty good time but this bit with the egg is undoubtedly the highlight. Let’s hope that continued protests don’t get any more extreme than this during the week, as we don’t want the place ending up like Frankfurt during the World Bank protests recently. That shit was savage.


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