Watch This Topless Girl Covered In Bodypaint And Glitter Punch A Guy Who Groped Her Boob

opless Girls Beat Up

Fair play.

Festivals are great because for a short amount of time you can just forget about all your troubles and problems in the real world and just cut loose with no fears of any repercussions.

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Or at least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, there are still a load of creeps out there who are going to spoil your fun by leaching all over you, like the guy in this video. He gets what he deserves though.

Two girls were attending the Rhythm & Vines festival in Gisborne on New Zealand’s North Island when they decided to ditch their tops and walk around covered only in body paint and glitter. It’s a strong look that more people should have a go at.

Unfortunately though not everyone at the festival saw it that way, with many of them calling them out for their ‘disgusting behaviour’ and one man even running up to them to cop a feel. The pair weren’t having that though and rightly followed him back to where he was sitting and threw a drink in his face and punched him.

Here’s some footage of that part as well as one of the girl’s opinion on the whole event:

Within five minutes, we were being told we were disgusting, people were yelling ‘put a shirt on’. I couldn’t believe it. It was just as much girls as it was guys.

I was walking to my campsite and saw this hand come up. He got a handful of my boob.

I went over and hit him. I was going to cover up but I didn’t want to let them win.

My body and Katie’s body is beautiful. It’s completely natural. We were born naked.

I mean yeah fair enough really, why the hell should everyone be so angry about it, especially when guys are wandering around with their tops off too? And that guy who groped her is obviously a prick and deserved to get smacked around. I guess they’re a bit behind on festival culture over in New Zealand because I’m pretty sure that nobody would care at all about something like that happening over here.

For more topless women, check out this footage from the first ever Go Topless Day a couple of years ago. What an event.


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