This NSFW Photo Sums Up Why Go Topless Day Is Probably Going To Backfire

Is Go Topless Day a lost cause with photos like this one?

It’s Go Topless Day today, meaning thousands of men and women all around the world (but mainly in the US) have taken to the streets to shove their nipples all up our faces. Actions speak louder than words after all – we all know that.

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According to the organisers of Go Topless and everybody involved, the protests are meant to fight gender inequality that, for example, allows men to walk around topless while women can’t.

Just for argument’s sake though, I reckon this photo might sum up why:

Go Topless

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The female protestor is clearly topless and in doing so attempting to fight for the cause, but just look at the group of men behind her. There’s pretty much every kind of recording device you can imagine on show. Camera phones, actual old school cameras, super professional TV/magazine style cameras. Look at that dude with his cheeks puffed out — that look pretty much says it all really.

Are those guys out here supporting gender equality or is it just boner time out in public? Not every day you get a group of women casually walking around in public with their boobs out after all.

Is this something to be concerned about? Or just a side effect that we’ve got to deal with for the greater good of gender equality? Will women having the freedom to walk around in public with their tops off improve their quality of life, all things considered?

More photos from Go Topless Day worldwide below while you mull it over (NSFW).

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