Here they are, the top ten goals from last seasons Premiership, chosen by those experts over at ESPN.

I already featured the 101 best goals of the seasonthe top 10 assists of the season and the worst misses of the season and I wanted to do the best saves of the season too but 101 Great Goals didn’t seem to think that that was a good enough category to feature and there was no way I could have devised it myself, so figured this was the end of my 2010-11 features and it would be another year before I got to write anything as fun as that again.

Wrong. I was stuck at my parent’s house for the past couple of weeks and because I no longer have a room there with any stuff in I pretty much just sat on the couch for two weeks and watched TV. ESPN was showing a bunch of season reviews and the top 50 goals in some of the major European leagues so I figured I’d do a feature on the ones I managed to catch, beginning with the top ten premier league goals of 2010-11. Guess you’ll have to keep checking back to see what other leagues I decide to feature! Anyway, you can probably guess what number one is but here’s the top ten – there are some real crackers in there! If you like football you’ve probably seen them but everyone loves watching a good goal again right?

10. David Jones (Wolves V Stoke)

This was way back at the start of the season but definitely deserves its place in the list. It’s reminiscent of Matt Le Tissier in his prime. Karl Henry knocks it back from the free kick, Dave Jones flicks it up and it’s up and over the wall and into the net. Real sweet.


9. Gareth Bale (Tottenham V Stoke)

This goal completely rules, I still can’t believe he could even do that. It’s just an amazing volley, kinda Van Basten like. I could only find highlights of the whole match (in French) so sorry about that, it shows the goal a bunch though and isn’t very long.


8. Samir Nasri (Arsenal V Fulham)

This is a pretty good goal, a classic Arsenal goal really with a bunch of passes in to feet and quick touches and then Nasri dances around the Fulham players and goalie before twisting around and knocking it into the net. I thought his first goal from this game was better actually but whatever.


7. Alex (Chelsea V Arsenal)

Bang. The big central defender lets fly with a trademark smashed free kick. This one’s pretty cool because it’s so far out, it swerves loads in the air and he aims it straight at Malouda’s face. Fortunately Malouda jumps out of the way, allowing it through the wall. Cool commentary in this clip too.


6. Raul Meireles (Liverpool V Wolves)

This happened not long after I proclaimed Raul Meireles to be one of the worst signings of the season – go figure he would score 5 goals in 6 games immediately after. This was the pick of the bunch a stunning volley that went really high then dipped in against Wolves. Love those shots.


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