Perez Hilton has revealed the top ten shoplifted items in America over the festive period. Can you guess number one?

Our good friend Perez Hilton has revealed the top ten most shoplifted items around the holiday period. Following the events of Black Friday it’s not really that surprising that Americans want to shoplift their Christmas presents if they can’t get them as cheaply as possible, but what’s more surprising is that towels and 4gb memory cards aren’t specifically on this list. Check it out below:

10. Athletic Shoes (mainly big name brands like Adidas or Nike) – I guess Perez Hilton means trainers by this.

9. Expensive fragrances including Chanel Number 5 and other fancy perfumes – I guess a shoplifter has still gotta know how to impress the ladies.

8. Let’s Rock Elmo. I don’t know what this is but apparently it’s the number one toy for kids this xmas according to Toys R Us. I guess it’s a Muppet version of Singstar?

7.  Designer apparel like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Seems sales of Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren were down this year so they got Perez Hilton to mention them in a blog to boost them. Good marketing tactics. Tommy Hilfiger really!? That’s scraping the barrel.

6. Axe Products. Axe is what they call Lynx in America. That’s pretty weird huh!?

5. Razor blades. Not sure what these are for, shaving or slitting your wrists when you get so disappointed that you can’t get the Christmas presents you wanted because of Black Friday or because everyone else has shoplifted whatever was left.

4. Electronic gadgets. This is pretty vague but you can be pretty sure that Apple paid Perez a fat was to get their products squarely advertised in this section to increase their brand dominance of the category.

3. Electric tools. The most common of which are surprisingly electric toothbrushes. It’s good to know that not only do shoplifters know how to keep women happy, they also do a good job of looking after their oral hygiene.

2. Expensive liquors. This is probably the only thing I would agree with stealing on the list. I mean nobody wants to pay for really expensive liquor right!?

1. And the winner is…..LUXURY MEATS. How very American!!!! Apparently the most shoplifted meat is filet mignon.


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