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Gambling is a global industry offering services and resources for keen individuals to multiply the money they bet with. You are probably very familiar with Western games that are available at casinos in places like Las Vegas but what other games exist? Here are the top casino games that are popular in Asia.

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Pachinko is one of the largest games in Asia, especially in the Japanese region’s best casinos and its gameplay is almost like Pinball. The difference is that it is not vertically oriented but rather horizontally.

There are a lot of Pachinko parlors in Japan where gamblers can play for balls instead of real money since gambling with monetary currency is prohibited. The balls can be later converted to be the local currency which is how most gamblers benefit from playing this game. There are some best online gambling sites that you can use to play Pachinko.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game that has the same table structure as Roulette. It has been given many different names ever since it was first conceptualized. Some have called it:

  • Tu Sai
  • Hi-Lo
  • Big and Small, or;
  • Dai Siu

Whatever you choose to call it, this game is based purely on luck because whether participants win or lose depends on how the dice rolls. Three dices are rolled and you have to bet on guessing the combined value of them all.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow has very confusing rules and beginners will most likely face some difficulty before mastering the game. It is played with dominoes and to win, you have to bet on the hand that is higher than the dealers. If the dealer has the higher hand, he wins but if you both tie, it is considered a push.

The dominoes are shuffled and stacked in 4s for the player and the dealer. They then have to create a hand that they believe will counter the opposition side. Wrapping your head around this game will surely take some practice but it can be done.


Mahjong is also a game played by dominoes and also has unique instructions related to the gameplay. To succeed in this game, you need these skills:

  1. You should be attentive to every detail. Therefore, spatial awareness is critical.
  2. The player should also have great decision-making skills before decisions need to be made on the spot.

The game is played with 13 dominoes assigned to each player, but before they get passed out, you should place your bet on the winning hand. On each round of the game, you can make a new bet while discarding one of the dominoes on hand for a new one. If you see that a new or discarded domino can create a winning hand, you should scream “Mahjong,”


Although the games mentioned here are Asian games, they have been made available all around the world in different countries. Through online gambling, these games have been made even more accessible to interested gamblers. You can also try out one of these games at reputable, trusted online casinos to stand a chance of winning massive prizes. Check out some of the best casino reviews here.

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