After Vassili Berezoutski’s effort on Wednesday shot into the top three, we show you the official top three Russian own goals in history.

Not sure how many people bothered to watch Lille’s victory over Spartak Moscow (featuring everyone’s favourite Londoner Joe Cole, who decided to wear short sleeves even though it was -8 degrees out there) in the Champions League last Wednesday – I only tuned in because it was the early match and there was nothing going on that day in my life except blogging for Sick Chirpse. Like every other day I guess.

But yeah, if you missed it then you probably missed one of the best own goals in Russian history from Vassili Berezoutski. The Spartak Moscow defender found himself caught slightly out of position at the start of the second half with Lille striker Moussa Sow bearing down on goal. With no other option, Berezoutski sticks his leg out and tries to kick the ball over the bar, except unfortunately for him the ball lobs his keeper perfectly and goes in off the cross bar, kinda like a goal some really skilful player like Pirlo might score. In fact, it was such a good own goal that it has already been fast tracked into the top three Russian own goals of all time! Wow, what an achievement. Bet Vassili Berezoutski is loving that one.

But what esteemed company joins him in this list that no Russian wants to be a part of? Only Spurs striker Roman Pavlyuchenko (who I still hate for scoring the two goals that relegated Birmingham last season) who when playing for Spartak Moscow managed to score a looping volley which again went over the keeper’s head an crashed against the bar and in. Only this time it was like on the edge of the six yard box which makes the technique even more exquisite.

The final contender (I don’t think they’re in order) for the best Russian own goal in history is Yuri Kovtun in a Russian national match against Iceland. Some Iceland player swings a delicious hanging cross in from midway in their half, and Yuri Kovtun meets it with a perfect diving header, placing the ball neatly into the bottom corner. Pretty spectacular stuff.  This video also has a really cool soundtrack.

Check out the top three Russian own goals in history below:

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