I don’t really follow Serie A that much anymore. They scored some cracking goals this season though.

Since James Richardson and Football Italia finished their coverage on Channel 4 I haven’t really paid much attention to Italian football except when a team has been involved in a Champions League match, but I was lucky enough to catch the top 50 goals from Serie A last season whilst I was stuck at my parent’s house a couple of weeks ago. Following on from all the other end of season goals I’ve bought you (Top 10 assists, 101 best goals of the season and top 10 premier league goals, top 10 worst misses) I figured it would be only polite to share the top 10 goals from Serie A with you as well. Inevitably there are some real crackers:

10. Ezequiel Lavezzi (Napoli V Milan, October 10th 2010)
This is a pretty insane goal as Lavezzi manages to lob the keeper from the edge of the six yard box while he’s lying on the floor. Haven’t really ever seen anything like it.
9. Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus v Brescia, March 20th 2011)

Even though Del Piero is 36 he’s still banging them in, proving that class never really dies as he notched 11 goals this season. This is the pick of the bunch as he picks the ball up in midfield drives forward into the penalty area as everyone backs off him, then clips the ball around a defender and into the bottom corner. Still got it.


8. Antonio Di Natale (Udinese V Napoli, November 28th 2010)

Di Natale has been on fire the last two seasons for Udinese, scoring almost 60 goals for them. Penalties, headers, free kicks – you name it, he’s got it. Here’s one of the best of the season, a straight up and under from the edge of the area. Bang.


7. Giandomenico Mesto (Udinese V Genoa, August 28th 2010)

This is a great bicycle kick (although obviously not as good as Wayne Rooney’s) scored on the very first day of Serie A 2010-2011. The ball flies in from a free kick, is headed onto Mesto, who sticks his leg out at a weird angle and kind of lops the ball into the far corner of the goal, just out of reach of the despairing keeper. Not sure if he meant to do that but looks kinda cool, for sure.


6. Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan V Bologna, Jan 15th 2011)

Everyone knows Samuel Eto’o is a complete badass at scoring goals but this is a great team move and all about D. Milito’s backheel assist. Eto’o’s finish is pretty definitive too but just a great goal really.


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