Top 10 Reasons Why People Delete Their Facebook Friends

Facebook Deletion

So now you know.

To be honest, every time I find out that somebody on my Facebook has deleted me it really hurts me. Sure, we might not have spoken for a while but I feel like it’s really going out of your way to decide that you have no interest in speaking to me ever again or having any contact with me at all, because at least at some point there must have been a reason for our friendship existing online.

Anyway, if like me you’ve been wondering why some girl you kissed once at university but never called again deleted you then you’ll be thankful of this survey of 2000 British adults that reveals their reasons. If I shared any of the characteristics of people on this list then I could maybe understand it too, but I honestly don’t so I guess it must be something else. Probably that I’m just a prick.

Unsurprisingly, the main reasons for deletion are excessive bragging via pictures and status updates and excessive selfies. In fact most of the reasons for deletion all related to status updates (too whiney, too passive aggressive, too attention seeking or any of the other 8 worst types of Facebook status) which are precisely the reason I love Facebook and don’t want to delete any of my friends. However bad things get,  I can always rely on one of the idiots in my feed to post a status update that will cheer me up with how pathetic it is, for whatever reason.

Other reasons included excessive game invitations (I feel you) and nomination posts (again I fell you) and more surprisingly excessive poking. That’s surprising because I didn’t realise people still did that in 2014 – although admittedly it was a good way to get a girl’s attention back in 2008 or whenever. You can see all the reasons and how they scored below. I’m heading off to poke some babes and hopefully not get deleted.

Facebook Unfriend Map


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