Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Accused Of Raping Multiple Young Vulnerable Teenage Girls



A couple of weeks ago we broke the story of Aiden’s William Control running some kind of bizarre worldwide BDSM sex cult and now we’re one of the first to bring you news of allegations levelled at Tool and A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan.

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Keenan has always been a bit of a weirdo eccentric kinda character, but I never really pegged him for a guy that would actively rape young girls on his tour bus after a show in pretty much every city. Of course, there’s no evidence of him doing this other than an account posted on an anonymous Twitter, but you really have to think that if someone is going to the trouble of telling this horrific story then it probably is true because they haven’t really got that much to gain from making it up, have they?

Anyway, here’s what happened according to the victim:

Man that is such a horrible story and it sucks so bad that this man took advantage of that poor girl like that and that it’s affected her life like this for almost 20 years. I can only hope that telling it gives her some sense of closure as it seems like people (including me) believe her account and support. Like I said before, I dunno if it’s true but it clearly took a lot for her to write this so I’m inclined to believe her.

A couple of other stories have also been posted up which kind of back up her account too. Check them out:

Make of it what you will, but a massive Tool fan posted this on the Reddit too saying it was pretty common practice for Keenan to pick girls out of the crowd after every show and everyone knew what they were getting into in these situations. The key factor here though is that it seems like everything was consensual, even if it was a bit creepy. Here’s the full account:

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I mean that makes him sound like a complete creep and weirdo, but not necessarily a rapist. Borderline sex fiend though, sure.

As well as this, Maynard James Keenan himself said the following back in 2016 regarding having sex with groupies which is him pretty much admitting that he did it on the reg back then:

At the time it seemed like the perfect thing to do but in the end proved unfulfilling.

Well, yeah [I feel like I was becoming the rock ‘n’ roll cliche that I hated]. But you don’t care because you’re having fun. And then when you finally wake up you realize that this is not for me, this is not where I’m supposed to be, and this is not gonna help anyone.

I mean it sounds like he regrets his actions before any of this came out, but the female accounts of their sexual encounters seem very different from what Keenan is referring to as ‘having sex with groupies’. It seems more like it’s some kind of systematic grooming procedure which could possibly be construed as rape by some of the people that partook in it. It’s a weird one but you’ve gotta believe the survivor here for what she’s saying.

I imagine more stories about encounters with Keenan will come out in the coming days before he issues some kind of statement apologising as that’s what tends to happen with these incidents. We’ll keep you posted.

If you missed the whole William Control affair, click here. Even more messed up than this one though, seriously.



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