Tony Robbins’ Motivational Hot Coal Speech Backfires When Dozens Suffer Severe Burns

tony robbins

One step too far.

Anyone remember the motivational colossus (I mean literally, the bloke is six feet and six inches tall) who Jack Black affectionately referred to as banana hands in ‘Shallow Hal’?

Well, the Hollywood-based motivational guru (apparently) and best-selling self-help author went a step too far recently when he encouraged members of his audience to walk on hot coals to conquer their fears.

What’s the worst that could happen?

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Well, more than 30 of the pious plonkers ended up having to be treated for severe burns on the scene, with scalded feet and ankles.

To be fair, most of them did know what they were letting themselves in for when they decided to attend Robbins’ four-day seminar, Unleash the Power Within, as this is what the website says:

Storm across a bed of hot coals. Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease.

Personally, I would have predicted the outcome from reading the website and probably would have gone down the pub for a few pints instead – at least when you walk home from the pub stumbling all over the place, it’s because you’ve had a skin full, and not because you have third degree burns on the soles of your feet (in most cases, anyway).

One participant said that the people who got burned badly weren’t concentrating and taking selfies during their hot coal walk. Either way, I can’t see how it would help anyone conquer their fears.

Mind you, at least these people didn’t suffer self-inflicted vaginal burns.


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