Tony Hawk Rides Real Life Hover Board And Becomes First To Land A Trick On It

Tony Hawk Hoverboard

It had to be him.

Despite taking part in the viral video of a hover board that turned out to be a complete hoax, Tony Hawk was at the front of the queue when an actual working hover board was announced a few weeks ago. Of course he was and of course haas going to ride it an absolutely kill it, was there ever any doubt?

Tony headed over to the Hendo Hover warehouse this week to test out the board and ended up skating around for three hours and absolutely loving it. I mean who wouldn’t right? He also managed to land (do you land tricks on a hover board? Interesting question) a signature shove it and in doing so became the first recorded person to land a trick on a hover board. Other than Marty McFly of course.

We can’t wait until these are available for home use so hurry the hell up with them Hendo Hover yeah? If you’re on mobile and the video doesn’t work for some reason, click here.


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