Tony Ferguson Had His Arm Bent Backwards At UFC 256 But Still Didn’t Tap Out

How did he not tap?

It’s well known that Tony Ferguson is one of the hardest people in the UFC right now, but I’m not sure if anyone could have predicted him not tapping out to Charles Oliveira’s arm bar at UFC 256 over the weekend after his arm was bent backwards.

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Ferguson was saved by the buzzer as he was locked in the arm bar very near the end of the first round, but even so his arm is held in a position where it looks like it could break any second for a couple of seconds and to say it looks uncomfortable would be an understatement. Take a look at it below and see what you think:

Jesus. Ferguson really is a monster isn’t he to not tap out to that. Unfortunately, he ended up being dominated by Oliveira throughout the fight and losing by decision after three rounds and there’s no talk that at age 37 his UFC career may be over following two successive losses for the first time in his career. We’ll see what happens but he hardly seems like the kind of guy who’s gonna hang up his gloves just like that, does he?

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