Someone Has Exposed The Dangerous Truth Behind The Weight Cut For MMA Fighters

MMA weight

This looks like absolute hell.

MMA and UFC has been growing massively in popularity over the past few years and as such, there’s a larger focus on it than ever before, which has led to the production of documentaries like the one below.

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The documentary examines the phenomenon of the weight cut. Most casual MMA fans know what this is, but it’s basically the process of cutting 10% of your bodyweight the week before a fight in order to have an advantage over your opponent. 

If you think that sounds dangerous, then you would be absolutely correct. Khabib Nurmagomedov was recently rinsed by pretty much everyone for getting hospitalised and pulling out of his fight against Tony Ferguson after screwing up a weight cut, but the truth is a whole bunch of MMA fighters have even died from the gruelling experience. The documentary below seeks to investigate the weight cut and expose it for the harrowing experience it truly is:

Eye opening stuff. Don’t think people should really be rinsing fighters for not making weight when they have to go through that every time they step into the ring. Not that I’ve ever really considered it, but that alone would probably put me off ever getting involved with the sport.

If this isn’t enough, check out this harrowing footage from Cris Cyborg’s recent weight cut where she actually looks close to death. Nope.


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