Tony Blair Appeared On ITV With A Mullet And The Memes Were Completely Insane

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Tony Blair and it seems like he’s used his brief time out of the spotlight to come up with a whole new look, as he showed up on ITV last night to discuss a potential Scottish Independence Referendum with a mullet looking like he was doing an impression of the original Dr Who William Hartnell.

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Of course, Twitter decided to go absolutely wild about the way that he looked and there were some true A+ memes that came out of it. That obviously meant that everyone largely ignored the issue that he appeared on TV to talk about – what was it again? – but does anyone even really care when the vibe is as funny as this:

Wow. Just so many A+ takes on his look there but I think my absolute favourite has to be the one about the Africa Cup Of Nations because it was always old guys like that managing the teams and you always wondered just what the fuck they were doing in Cameroon or wherever the hell it was. Top marks from that man.

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