Astrologist Warns Tonight’s Full Moon ‘Will Spark Madness And Mass Shootings’

strawberry moon

Watch your back tonight.

This year’s summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is a particularly special one as it coincides with the Strawberry Moon where the full moon appears a warm amber colour. Sounds quite pleasant right?

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Well, maybe not. Timothy Halloran, who runs the Rasa Lila Healing YouTube channel, has warned that this particular night is going to send people out of their box. He said that people will “go off the deep end” and “this is when shit starts to full apart.” Rasa added:

People do go on shooting sprees. People do have to run into total insanity.

It is very easy to go off the deep end and get swept away with paranoia and philosophy.

There is an explosion of energy that will go on with this full moon.

And what’s worse about these predictions is there ain’t much we can do to prevent the upcoming chaos. We just have to ride it out and hope that we don’t get caught in the firing line of some maniac. Rasa added:

To say that this is a stable time to be awake and aware would be a lie.

The transitioning occurring now is like a giant wave crashing onto the shore of our own perspectives and beliefs, scattering debris everywhere, and in so doing also ripping a hole through the veil, exposing a reality we never knew existed underneath.

Sounds intense. To be honest it actually just sounds like a maniac spewing utter bullshit but you never know – full moons do have a tendency to send people a bit loopy so maybe the Strawberry Moon will have some effect.

I reckon tonight is gonna be a good photo opportunity. To see composite images of the moon taken from 47 afferent photos during a solar eclipse, click HERE.


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