Tommy Wisseau Has Finally Made A Sequel To ‘The Room’ And It Looks Completely Ridiculous

It’s called ‘Big Shark’.

If you’ve seen ‘The Room’ then you know full well that it’s one of the stupidest and most ridiculous movies ever made, so fascinating in fact that it actually spawned another movie about its making –  ‘The Disaster Artist’ with James Franco – that’s actually way better and well worth a watch. ‘The Room’ itself is…..not so good, but kinda fun if you watch it with a bunch of people who see it for what it’s worth.

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Anyway, Tommy Wisseau famously hasn’t made another movie since his 2003 odyssey – not really sure what he’s been doing with his time – but he’s finally broken his silence and given the most unique voice in the history of cinema a chance at redemption with ‘Big Shark’. The trailer just dropped yesterday and it looks way more ridiculous and stupid than ‘The Room’, which may seem like an impossible task on paper but doesn’t actually doesn’t seem that difficult when you watch it.

Check it out below:


What? Why is most of the trailer the same shot of two people boxing? Even if you were making a normal movie you wouldn’t include the same shots over and over again like Wisseau has done here?

Maybe he’s trying to distract from the fact that the CGI shark looks absolutely terrible or that he himself is supposed to be starring in this movie, but again I’m not really sure what the point of him doing either of those things would be? Truly against the grain filmmaking and having seen ‘The Room’ and ‘The Disaster Artist’, I get that we probably shouldn’t even question the guy at this point and just trust the process. I mean look at ‘The Room’, right? Clearly ‘Big Shark is going to be another masterpiece.

No idea when ‘Big Shark’ will be released as it was due to come out in both 2021 and 2022 but has been postponed both times. Probably due to Tommy working hard on the edit to make it even more ridiculously awful. Hopefully it’s worth the wait.

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