Tommy Wiseau Wants To Play The Joker And There’s Already A Fan Trailer

The Joker

Wiseau serious?

Tommy Wiseau has been blasted into the public consciousness recently for those that already didn’t know of him thanks to the success of James Franco’s ‘Disaster Artist’ biopic and it seems like he’s eager to stay there judging by his latest actions.

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It was recently revealed that an origin story revolving around Batman’s greatest nemesis The Joker was in development over at Warner Bros and that Joaquin Phoenix is currently in negotiations to play the villain. Wiseau isn’t having this though, appealing to the movie’s director Todd Philips to DM him about the role via both his Instagram and Twitter accounts:

Seems like he’s serious and although it’s highly unlikely that Wiseau will come anywhere near the role, there are a bunch of fans out there who are totally up for it, with this fan art and a teaser trailer with Wiseau as the joker already appearing in the last couple of days:

Yeah after that I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for Wiseau to actually play The Joker, even though it sounds like a hilarious idea on paper. It really wouldn’t be and Joaquin Phoenix would be so much better, especially as this is a ‘serious’ movie and not a ‘comic book’ movie (their words not mine).

Sorry Tommy, but I’m sure you can work on another project that’s as good as The Room instead right? Wouldn’t exactly be that hard.

For more Tommy Wiseau, check out the trailer to The Disaster Artist. Go and see it right now if you missed it.


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