Tommy Wiseau Has Released The Whole Of The Room On YouTube

Tommy Wiseau

You’re tearing me apart Lisa.

For a very long time Tommy Wisseau and The Room was a cult phenomenon and kind of a case of ‘if you know, you know’, but when James Franco decided to make a movie of The Disaster Artist last year it really blew the movie and Wiseau himself into the mainstream.

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Whilst nobody is really sure what Wiseau does or has been doing in the years since The Room was first released, it seems like he has some kind of trust fund of money that is never going to run out. That’s why it’s even odder that he’s decided to upload the entirety of The Room onto YouTube for free.

There is a donation link in the bio notes but you would think that as he produced and financed the movie himself that he would still get any proceeds from anyone buying the movie on DVD or any of those streaming services or whatever, but apparently this is a better idea for him right now. Hey, I doubt anybody has ever gotten very far by questioning Tommy Wiseau so I doubt much is going to happen if I start now. Let the master do his work.

EDIT – I realise after I posted this that he’s actually taken it down from YouTube for some reason now. What an absolute tease, but I guess Tommy Wiseau does what he wants. Would love to say I wish it wasn’t so bizarre and weird all the time, but I really, really don’t.

For more Tommy Wiseau, check him out saying he wants to play The Joker. I’d pay to see him in that.


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