Tommy Wiseau Has Re-Created The Joker’s Interrogation Scene From The Dark Knight And It’s Shockingly Good

Wiseau Joker

Turns out he’s the perfect man to play The Joker.

What the hell is this, two Tommy Wiseau stories in one day? Who would ever have thought that that would happen?

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It’s a big day for Wiseau and a big day for news though as he just dropped a recreation of the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight with him as The Joker and it’s actually good, which is probably something that nobody ever thought we would say about a Tommy Wiseau performance. But when you think about it Wiseau is probably one of the best people out there to play The Joker because they’re both seemingly mentally unhinged and all over the place, constantly following their own agendas and never listening to anyone else. A match made in heaven.

Make your own mind up about the scene below, which also features Wiseau’s regular collaborator Greg Sestero as The Dark Knight himself:

I mean yeah, I’ve gotta say I thought he kinda nailed it. I mean probably not as good as Heath Ledger sure, but it’s certainly believable that Batman could be dealing with some kind of psychotic murderer in this scene. Again, that’s possibly because Wiseau might actually be a psychotic murderer but hey, play the roles that you know, right?

I would pay money to see this movie, that’s all I’m saying. I’d probably pay money to see the one with Joaquin Phoenix in that’s coming out next year though, so maybe I’m not the best judge for this equation.

If you wanna see what Joaquin Phoenix looks like all dressed up a The Joker then click here. Pretty creepy.


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