Tommy Robinson Will Be Treated Like Any Other Prisoner, Despite Attack Fears

He won’t be getting any special treatment.

You probably heard that Tommy Robinson was jailed for nine months today for contempt of court and you probably saw him appalling to Donald Trump to grant him political asylum in the US as he feared he would be attacked by Muslim gangs if he was imprisoned over here – it’s been big news this week.

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Unfortunately for Robinson, his pleas fell on deaf ears and he’s now serving out his jail sentence and a Ministry Of Justice spokesperson has revealed that despite his fears he won’t be receiving any additional protection in prison:

I imagine that Tommy Robinson will be treated like any other prisoner.

If there is a credible threat then prison officers will do whatever they will need to do.

We don’t comment on the location of individual prisoners.

Well I mean that doesn’t really sound like they’re not going to give him any protection if he asks for it, just more like that they don’t believe his claims of Muslim gangs controlling prisons are true and that he’ll be targeted whilst he’s inside. I find it pretty unlikely we’ll be hearing that Robinson has been stabbed by an Islamic gang member in the next nine months, but I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong when/if the time comes. Can only wish him the best of luck on the inside from my position here though unfortunately.

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