Tom Hardy’s Taboo Looks Like The Must Zee Television Event Of 2017


From the minds of Ridley Scott, Tom Hardy and the creator of Peaky Blinders.

2016 is winding down and we’re already talking about the new television series that we’re looking forward to in 2017.

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The first of these is undoubtedly Taboo starring Tom Hardy. The 8 part series is premiering on BBC One on January 7th and comes from the minds of Hardy, Ridley Scott and Stephen Knight, who created Peaky Blinders.

The show tells the story of an adventurer named James Delaney who – despite being feared dead – returns from Africa to avenge his father’s death. Check out the trailer below:

Yeah, I’m not really too sure what’s going on in that trailer too but it certainly looks like there was a lot happening and that it was going to be super dark, intense, brooding and action packed. It’s certainly got me interested and eagerly awaiting the premiere, which fortunately is only about a week from now.

For more Tom Hardy, watch him absolutely dominating a journalist who asked him about his sexuality during a press conference. Roasted.


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