Tom Hanks Has Been Released From Hospital But Remains In Self Isolation

Sounds like he’ll be OK.

Tom Hanks is one of the most high profile celebrities that has been struck down with Coronavirus in the past couple of weeks, but it seems like things are getting better for him and his wife Rita Wilson after he revealed an update on Instagram.

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Turns out that he’s still feeling the symptoms, but they’ve died down a bit so that he’s been allowed to leave the hospital and has now been placed in self isolation. Here’s the full update from his Instagram post:

I suppose that’s a great use of social media: updating fans as to his condition and encourage them to self isolate in an attempt to flatten the curve because a lot of people out there are still carrying on as usual despite all advice to the contrary. I guess when they see that even major celebrities are following the rules for once, maybe it’ll click that they need to do so as well to get humanity through this crisis.

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