Tom DeLonge Releases The First Of The Blink 182 Demos He Was Working On

Tom DeLonge Solo Record

This isn’t as bad as we imagined, it’s still a long way off vintage Blink 182 though.

Following the much publicised falling out between the three members of Blink 182 earlier this year, Tom Delonge announced that come March he would be releasing the Blink 182 demos that he had been working on for the new album.

I don’t really know why he felt the need to do this – I guess there were a couple of reasons, like maybe he wanted to convince people he was actually trying to do stuff with Blink, or maybe he just straight up needed the money. Either way, it’s here and a full album of odds and ends as he’s termed them is coming in April too so we can get a whole 45 minutes worth of songs like this.

As for the song itself, it’s OK I suppose. It’s not vintage Blink but just pretty much the kind of music you would expect Tom DeLonge to be producing given his recent output. Basically some weird guitar sounds and riffs, nice sounding big guitars, bad lyrics and nowhere near as simple and as catchy as the stuff he used to write. Having said that it’s probably better than I thought it would be, I find it unlikely that I’m going to be listening to it much in the future though.

The video is pretty jokes too though as Tom DeLonge walks around the streets on his own looking lost with a broken guitar. Poetic.


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