Tom DeLonge Is Making A TV Show About Five Skateboarders Who Solve Paranormal Mysteries Called ‘Strange Times’

Tom DeLonge

Sounds good?

I don’t think anyone could have projected Tom DeLonge’s career path when he burst into the mainstream singing about dicks and turds back in 1999, but here we are in 2018 and not only is he working with ex government officials to track down aliens, but he’s also developing a TV show.

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Unfortunately though, it kinda sounds like DeLonge has just ripped off Stranger Things for his television debut. ‘Strange Times’ – yeah I know – is apparently based on a book he co-authored and will revolve around five skateboarders who solve paranormal mysteries.

So pretty much an older version of Stranger Things where the bikes and weird things are ditched for skateboards and aliens. I can kinda get interested in that – the only problem really is that Tom DeLonge is involved and it seems like he’s completely batshit insane these days. Don’t really have a good feeling about it to be honest.

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I also have to ask how he has the time to be doing this when he was supposed to be putting all his energy into tracking down aliens and revealing the truth to the world. Surely not enough time to fart around making a TV show when you’re doing something as important as that?

Anyway, if you’re still interested in this project here’s what DeLonge had to say about it:

My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humor.

This series combines them all into one.

I mean yeah if it was twenty years ago I would be absolutely buzzing about this. Unfortunately though it isn’t, so I’m prepared to see this crash and burn and be utterly terrible. Oh Tom DeLonge.

For more Tom DeLonge, check him out being completely weird on the Joe Rogan podcast. Fantastic.


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