Tom Cruise Ordered Two Servings Of Chicken Tikka Masala At Birmingham Curry House

What a pig.

People have been saying that they’ve been seeing Tom Cruise around and about in the country over the last few weeks as he shoots scenes for the new ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie, but this latest sighting is definitely the most banal yet.

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Cruise allegedly rocked up at Asha’s curry house in Birmingham over the weekend with five other guests and a security detail and proceeded to order the chicken tikka masala, apparently liking it so much that he ordered another portion of it directly after finishing. Here’s the tweet from the restaurant and the comments of Asha’s general manager Nouman Farooqui:

When he came he said he didn’t want any fuss and just wanted to be part of the atmosphere.

He wanted a meal just like any other guest and simply wanted to enjoy an authentic Indian meal.

A few diners recognised him but not all. Nobody made a fuss, though when he left people went a little bit crazy.

Sounds like a great night out for the guy and apparently he left a £60 tip too, although I kinda think that the picture of him looks like a bad looklalike version of Tom Cruise and isn’t actually him? I don’t think Asha would have done this deliberately, but maybe they were fooled by his ‘Mission: Impossible’ stunt double or something? The guy just looks a bit off doesn’t he – like a budget version of the Hollywood actor-  but I don’t think there’s any way we can confirm or deny it really is there? Oh well.

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