Tom Cruise Is Officially Headed To Outer Space In 2021 To Film His Next Crazy Movie

Of course he is.

There’ve been rumours over the last few weeks that Tom Cruise wants to go to outer space to film his next movie and now, it’s official. Cruise and director Doug Liman (Swingers, Bourne Identity, Edge Of Tomorrow, American Made) will he headed into space next year with the assistance of Space X.

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How much is this all going to cost? Well the budget for the film is around $200 million and the cost for a seat on this flight is $55 million, so I’m not sure how they’re gonna figure that one out. Maybe the cost of travelling to space won’t even be a part of the $200 million budget? God knows.

Whatever they pay for it though it’s gonna be worth it. I mean a $200m budget already tells you this is gonna be a massive film and it’s already causing all kinds of commotion before even filming. Add the fact that this will be the first film in space and you’ve got yourself a monster cash cow. I mean how could anyone not be interested in seeing this movie?

I know some people don’t really like Tom Cruise because of all that Scientology nonsense, which is fair. But by all accounts he’s actually a top guy who makes sure he learns all his colleagues/staff/crew’s names on set and is always polite and generous with everybody. So that’s nice to hear in an age where you’ve got Ellen terrorising everybody around her. Yeah OK we all know Tom Cruise is batshit crazy, but at least he seems like a good dude who has respect for people.

Bonus – Tom Cruise being an absolute madman:

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