Tom Brady Split His Pants During A Celebrity Golf Game Over The Weekend


Everyone is missing live sports at the moment, so the solution over in the USA was to organise a celebrity golf game featuring Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady and apparently it was a real doozy.

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I don’t really care about golf though so we’re not here to talk about that, instead what is interesting is that Tom Brady had a major shocker and ended up splitting his pants on a hole. Brady was screwing up all his shots to begin with apparently, but then pulled an absolute worldie out of the bag from the fairway.

Unfortunately it was so good that it also ended up making a massive rip in the seat of his trousers. Whoops:

Lol. Not sure if Brady continued to go around the whole golf course like that – kinda get the impression that he would because he’s such a rugged champion, don’t really get the feeling that he cares too much about his appearance, just about winning – but either way it’s still a funny image to see the GOAT with his trousers split on the golf course isn’t it? Thank you COVID-19.

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