This Crying Toddler Only Calms Down When She Gets A Glass Of Wine

My Alcoholic Baby

“My alcoholic baby.”

In a video that I’m sure many of us reading this can relate to, a father has revealed that his crying toddler only calms down when she’s given a glass of wine.

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The toddler was filmed by father Rafael Aybar from Bonao in the Dominican Republic along with the tagline ‘my alcoholic baby’ and it’s easy to see why she might be labelled as this. She’s throwing a clear tantrum and offered a bottle of milk, some noodles and a dummy but steadfastly rejects them all. She only calms down instantly and starts smiling when a glass of red wine is placed in front of her. Sure, Rafael doesn’t let the baby actually drink the wine, but it seems clear where her affections lie:

I dread to think how she’s gonna turn out, loving red wine before she’s even out of diapers. There’s only one way she’s going in the future.

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