Toby Carvery Is Offering Free Roast Dinners To Dads This Father’s Day

Every other post I’ve been doing this week is about some company offering some sick deal for Dads this Father’s Day and I think I’ve saved the best until last because this offer from Toby Carvery really is worth heading down to sample.

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The famous carver chain are offering customers the chance to give their fathers a free roast dinner this weekend if you book a table in advance for after 6pm and at least one other person at the table is ordering a full price roast. That’s obviously fine because it would be a bit weird if you took your dad out for a meal and didn’t eat anything yourself, but you’ve also gotta think that it’s a bit skanky because even though your dad is getting a free meal, surely you should be actually spending some money on him for a present as well? Maybe splash out on dessert or something.

There is a slight catch as you have to download the Toby Carvery app as well to qualify for the freebie, but you can always delete it afterwards if it really is clogging up your OS that much. You should probably keep it though because I’m sure they do offers like this all the time.

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