Morrisons Have Launched An Enormous Surf N Turf With 900g Steak And 25cm Prawns

It’ll set you back £20.

Morrisons completely and utterly kill it when it comes to special offers and they’re constantly raising the bar with the bargains that they’re giving us – just when you think they can’t get any better they release something even better like this incredible Surf N Turf combo.

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Rolled out just in time for Father’s Day and let’s be serious when we say that this could probably feed a whole family of four, let alone just your dad. The steak weighs 900g – which is pretty much big enough to feed a small family – and then the prawns on top of that are 111g each as well. Basically if you buy this for Father’s Day then your whole family could probably eat for a week. And your dad would probably be pretty stoked on it as well.

This isn’t going to come cheap though, with the Surf N Turf combo retailing at £20. It’s also only available from today until Sunday, so if you’re anxious to try it – or feed your family – then make sure you head down to Morrisons ASAP.

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If that hasn’t been enough to convince you, then here’s Jodie Bolland, Senior Meat Buyer at Morrisons, has to say about it:

The giant surf and turf is our meatiest challenge yet for Dads on Father’s Day.

We hope they enjoy it this weekend – whether they’re attempting it solo or enjoying it as a family meal.

Was sold already to be honest. What a sick job though – Senior Meat Buyer – definitely something I could see myself doing in the future.

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