Titus O’ Neil Just Got Suspended From The WWE Following Bizarre Altercation With Vince McMahon

Rule #1 of pro wrestling – never put your hands on Vince McMahon.

Rule #1 of being a professional wrestler — don’t ever, ever touch Vince McMahon without his explicit say so. We’re talking about a guy who hates yawns and sneezes because they’re involuntary actions he can’t control. You can bet he definitely doesn’t appreciate being grabbed by the arm and yanked around on stage, especially on live TV.

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For some reason, Titus O’ Neil hadn’t got the memo:


The WWE has punished Titus with a 90-day suspension, which means he’s definitely missing Wrestlemania — the biggest pay day in any wrestler’s calendar. And that’s just for grabbing his arm. Imagine if he actually hit him with a wrestling move?


It’s not really a big deal at the end of the day because Titus O’Neil is terrible, but it’s a great reminder of the way Vince McMahon operates. There’s just no chance you can put your hands on him even playfully and get away with it. I’m sure whatever Titus wanted to say could’ve waited until they were backstage.

Especially as he’d just had to say goodbye to one of the finest wrestlers of all time.


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